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Linden Wood, CEO and Founder of EnerSource International, is a proven network marketing leader and expert, as well as a highly successful business owner. Over the course of the last 20 years, Linden has transformed the lives of thousands of people through his unique ability to expertly lead, empower, and train individuals in the process of creating and building their own successful network marketing businesses.

Linden prides himself on his ability to take average people and transform them into more confident and empowered individuals with the mindset and skillset to run a successful network marketing business! 

In 2001, Linden’s company EnerGreens Inc produced the cutting-edge nutritional products, EnerGreens Essentials. Over the next 7 years this company developed over 40 different nutritional products. Over the past 15 years, millions of dollars of these products have been sold successfully within fitness franchise systems.

These products, combined with an unparalleled support system, a highly lucrative compensation plan, a culture of positivity and self improvement, and an incredible ground floor opportunity, sets EnerSource into a league of its own. 

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