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Enersource Has Combined 2 Explosive Industries


We Are EnerSource

Linden Wood, CEO and Founder of EnerSource International, is a proven network marketing leader and expert, as well as a highly successful business owner. Over the course of the last 20 years, Linden has transformed the lives of thousands of people through his unique ability to expertly lead, empower, and train individuals in the process of creating and building their own successful network marketing businesses.

A born entrepreneur, Linden continually discovered and invented methods and systems for earning money in his youth. At 25, Linden and a friend started a travel business. Though the business eventually failed, the young entrepreneur didn’t give up on entrepreneurship. He took many lessons with him and sought his next opportunity. He never lost his passion or desire for developing and growing businesses. Inevitably, that failure was the catalyst for entering into network marketing. Through his failure, he learned how to succeed.

A defining ‘A-Ha’ moment in Linden Wood’s life occurred when Linden attended a network marketing event, hosted by the company Excel, at age 27. This would prove to be a defining moment resulting in his astronomical success in the network marketing industry. One of the highly successful, top income-earners of the company hosting the event shared his monthly earnings with the audience along with other business tips. In a career-changing moment that Linden would never forget, this man looked into the audience and said, “If I can do it, you can too!” This statement cemented a belief in Linden that completely changed his life – and, as a result, the lives of tens of thousands of others across the nation.

Over the next three years, with no official network marketing or public speaking training and without a mentor, Linden immersed himself in books and audios authored by highly successful network marketers and self-help experts, such as Tony Robbins. Through his dedication, he learned the principles which govern success. He quickly discovered that it wasn’t his own success that mattered most, but the success of the people who came into his business. Through this understanding, Linden achieved the highest levels of success Excel had ever seen. Linden became known for his comprehensive training system as well as his devotion to the team he developed.


Linden prides himself on his ability to take average people and transform them into more confident and empowered individuals with the mindset and skillset to run a successful network marketing business! With his unrelenting persistence, Linden, along with his leadership team, built this team, to over 100,000 representatives in only three years. In 1997, this achievement earned Linden an income of over $500,000 a month.

Though he has obtained massive success through all his ventures, nothing fulfills Linden’s deep desire to transform the lives of others like network marketing. Following this passion, Linden has founded his own network marketing company – EnerSource. This health and wellness company will significantly grow the network marketing industry as this company empowers people to own their own business and create long-term residual incomes.

For those fortunate enough to share the vision and understand the value of following someone with proven success in the industry, the time is now. People have a true ground floor opportunity, right now, to learn the training system that Linden Wood created, and to be mentored and trained by Linden and his core leadership team.

Linden’s passion for the industry, along with his many years of network marketing success and traditional business ownership, will contribute significantly to the inevitable success of EnerSource and empower people all over the nation again.

In 2001, Linden’s company EnerGreens Inc produced the cutting-edge nutritional products, EnerGreens Essentials. Over the next 7 years this company developed over 40 different nutritional products. Over the past 15 years, millions of dollars of these products have been sold successfully within fitness franchise systems.

Linden is bringing this exceptional product line to the network marketing industry via EnerSource. These products, combined with an unparalleled support system, a highly lucrative compensation plan, a culture of positivity and self improvement, and an incredible ground floor opportunity, sets EnerSource into a league of its own. Linden’s knowledge, wisdom and leadership will be fully utilized in building EnerSource. Linden believes that one’s greatest gift should not be wasted. By founding EnerSouce and utilizing his gifts of empowering others, creating confidence and hunger in regular people, and teaching success principles — countless lives will be radically changed. 

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